Skateboard Camp

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Level 1

Experience: Brand New!

Skater Will Learn: Which way to stand/ride, learn about the different components of the skateboard, develop fundamental balance on the board, learn to push and glide, how to maneuver the board on a flat surface, maintain balance on different transitions and banks, gain understanding of how to ‘pump’ to create speed on transitions and banks, how to maneuver the board on a flat surface

Level 2

Experience: Strong ability to perform Level 1 goals and ready to build on those skills in different settings

Skater Will Learn: How to pump up and down transitions and banks to maintain speed and momentum, how to drop-in on the 2ft and 3ft quarter pipes and ride the 3ft mini-ramp, perform kick-turns on mini-ramp and banks, create balance for manuals (wheelies) and flat-ground nose stalls, develop a foundation and understanding about how perform a stationary and slow-moving Ollie


Level 3

Experience: Strong ability to perform Level 1 & 2 goals – has a strong foundation and comfort for riding the skateboard and a good understanding of balance and weight distribution to take on greater challenges.

Skater Will Learn: Tricks in the mini-ramp (tail stalls, rock-to-fakies, kick turns, coping slashes). Further development of moving Ollies. Basic fundamental steps to the shuv-it and Entry flip tricks.


“Most importantly we are here to promote FUN and to develop a life skill, which builds character and confidence on and off our skateboards!!!”
Brock Heartwell & Jordan Fleming (Youth Brigade and Park Owners)
Online scheduling

What you need for Skate Camp

  • Quality Skateboard (Not from Walmart, Sport Chek, Canadian Tire, etc. No Longboards or Cruisers) - Please call and ask if you are not sure!
  • Certified Skateboard Helmet
  • Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards
  • Water Bottle
  • Packed snack / lunch
  • Proper Skateboard Footwear - Flat soled, closed toe (No boots, sandals, etc.)
  • A Signed Waiver

**Skateboards, helmets, and pads are available for purchase at The Park