The Park is Calgary’s only indoor skateboard park dedicated to the kids of our city!

Skateboarding is an incredible character-building activity that develops balance and coordination and builds confidence and independence; but the real reason we do it is because it’s so much fun! Now, if you’re thinking, “I don’t know how to skateboard and the thought of my child learning is scary”, you are not alone but we are here to help!

Owners Jordan Fleming and Brock Heartwell opened Youth Brigade Snow and Skate in the summer of 2014 as Calgary’s specialty snowboard and skateboard retail store catered to kids from toddlers to early teenagers! The timing for such a retail store to exist was perfect as many skateboarders and snowboarders were starting to become parents themselves and wanting to introduce their children to these activities. Unfortunately, it’s always been very difficult to find a quality selection of kids’ gear along with the expert knowledge and amazing service to ensure they get started on the right foot – but not anymore! Youth Brigade is your one-stop shop for everything snowboards and skateboards and extends to offer a great selection of apparel, footwear, backpacks, and a whack of other accessories all geared towards these kids!

While initially focusing solely on providing our customers with the proper equipment to discover snowboarding and skateboarding, we were quickly inundated with requests to show the kids some quick tips for how to best get started and this soon evolved into offering skateboard lessons at the store.

After 4 years of incredible success providing these lessons at the store and getting kids pumped on skateboarding, Jordan and Brock set out to create a facility dedicated to teaching skateboarding to the future generation – Welcome to The Park!

At The Park, our Mission is to create and fun and safe environment for kids to learn, progress, and excel at skateboarding while inspiring them to discover the values of comradery, respect, hard work, perseverance, and dedication!

Whether your children are looking for a new hobby, passion, or even just a training tool for other sports or disciplines, skateboarding will benefit and enrich their lives and we’re here to help them discover that!